Case Studies

GoDemand and Virtual Instruments at Cisco Live Barcelona

Go Demand, the independent lead generation company, offers sales, inside sales, business development management and event services as part of its full marketing solution. This case study was filmed at #ciscolive Barcelona, 28-31 January 2019, where Go-Demand was on hand to help Virtual Instruments staff their booth and generate new business.

High Quality Leads Generated for TRAMS

Go Demand built a program of inbound lead generation for TRAMS combining carefully designed online lead-capture surveys, thought leadership content download syndication and online banner placement. “Go Demand is helping us with new customer acquisition whilst we continue to concentrate on our core competencies of delivering excellent Storage and IT solutions to our customers.”

Securing Reseller Opportunities for Barracuda Networks

Go Demand managed the program to launch a new EMEA division for Barracuda providing a clear and detailed plan with real-time campaign reporting provided through a bespoke client online SharePoint facility. Demonstrations of the Intronis product were secured with resellers and partners, with our team providing credible business focused conversations to drive demand.

Joined Up Marketing: WhereScape

Go Demand’s telemarketing campaigns helped WhereScape to expand its Mainland Europe sales and marketing pipeline and close an important deal. “WhereScape has seen a very positive ROI from the various telemarketing campaigns. Go Demand staff are flexible, proactive and we see them as a valuable extension to our own sales and marketing teams.”

101 Data Solutions: Pipeline Management

101 Data Solutions realised that in order to implement its aggressive growth plans successfully, it needed to enhance the business intelligence it was receiving and generate more business opportunities. It also knew that in some cases it was losing business to competitors due to insuffi cient coverage and a heavy workload. Go Demand has increased the sales pipeline to achieve additional growth within the EMCbusiness of over 30% in the first 12 months, and a high level of repeat business.