Virtual Instruments is essential to performance assurance.  Digital transformation initiatives and never-ending infrastructure and application changes are driving complexity beyond human comprehension. Large enterprise needs real-time, end-to-end performance monitoring and analytics-driven insights to ensure performance of the infrastructure that supports its critical applications.

GoDemand has been retained to provide an Internal Sales Representative service for the EMEA division of Virtual Instruments. Storage and large enterprise experience ensures the ISRs can talk to end users to arrange face to face meetings supporting marketing initiatives and the local sales teams.

The unique Virtual Instruments platform eliminates the guesswork and proactively solves all performance problems for large enterprise data centre staff. It collaborates across silos to eliminate finger pointing and avoids slowdowns and it optimises deployment decisions based on customer application workload profiles. GoDemand has the skills to talk at the same level as users and senior management to qualify and arrange meetings with the right decision makers.