If you are wondering whether outsourcing or in-house lead generation is the best option for you, then don’t look any further. Here is your answer :

Outsourcing telemarketing and lead generation to an established team means you can cut straight to the chase and immediately expect high quality leads produced by professionals who know just how to generate and nurture their prospects – after all, it’s what they do day in, day out, so you get to benefit from years of hard-won experience. Outsourced telemarketing and sales teams are driven purely by generating quality leads for their clients – they have the infrastructure, tools and training to get good results in a short space of time, ensuring your sales pipeline is healthy and productive.

Every business owner knows that the key to success is doing more of what you are good at. Hire in the experts and you can get a job done to a high standard, at a fraction of the cost of learning how to do it yourself. Sales and lead generation are no different – anyone can have a go, but to get the maximum ROI on your time and financial investment when sourcing leads, it’s important to ensure your prospects are high quality and have been handled correctly.

Hiring and training your in-house sales team is a job in itself. Talent can be hard to find and retain, and without the right mix of introductory, nurturing and closing skills in a sales team the leads that are generated can be at much higher risk of failure than you might expect. The overheads that come with dedicating a significant portion of your staff and infrastructure to the art of lead generation and teleprospecting usually add up to somewhere around 10% more than the cost of outsourcing the same marketing and telesales tasks to a third party.

At GoDemand our specialised team of experienced lead generators also have access to highly qualified marketing professionals, meaning we can seamlessly integrate outbound marketing campaigns to be followed up with personalised, professional contact, getting to the nub of your prospect’s needs, and ensuring we deliver a well nurtured, eager lead to your own account executives. Get in touch today to find out how we can transform your sales pipeline for less than the cost of an in-house sales team.

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