Social Selling has been around since the dawn of Social Media (around 2003), but it’s never been fully utilised, in the world of Technology it’s probably one of the most popular forms of Marketing and Sales, yet not everybody is doing it, mostly because it’s very underrated.

Social Selling has been built up with more of a negative background than a positive one, but I think it’s because not everyone understands how to do it or has “faith” in Social Media (like LinkedIn, Twitter etc) to push their services or products. If it’s done correctly it can be very successful.

Utilising Social Selling is how I was able to book all of my meetings at the IBC trade show, various meetings at the BVE event, how people I have met have recognised our flyers and how I’ve landed 90% of my leads for GoDemand.

Social Selling is more than just sharing content on LinkedIn or Twitter and hoping that the leads just pour in, it’s about building a relationship with your potential clients and engaging with them on a more personal level.

Studies have found that 95% of B2B buyers will conduct some degree of Social Media research before making a business purchase, with more than half searching online for many of their purchases, and to select B2B channels. A study by Google in 2015 found that “46% of decision makers are now aged between 18 and 34 years old” (this percentage is still on the rise today), which coincidentally, is the largest Social Media user demographic.

At GoDemand we integrate Social Selling into our offering, through a mix of direct contact and strong relationship building with key decision makers, we have successfully increased our lead generation rates for not just ourselves, but also our clients.

Let GoDemand show you how Social Selling can improve your new business generation.