At Go Demand we know that the success of your business depends on us passing you and your sales team great quality leads. But how do we measure this and how do we ensure that our campaign will generate top quality sales leads that you can convert into revenue?

We’ve already talked on these pages about the importance of the SPIN, BANT and Gestalt sales models which drive the lead generation process. It is the outcome of this process though that ultimately defines the quality of the lead being generated.

CRM TOOL – Capturing top quality data

Good leads need good data. We create custom CRM modules for every client which enables us to collect campaign specific data with every call. Designing the campaign and defining what information will be collected is a key part of this process. Our experienced team work with your sales and marketing stakeholders to establish the aims of the campaign and find out what data you need from each lead. As well as campaign specific data we have years of experience to share to ensure that we capture the demographic and firmographic data needed. Our CRM system enables us to create bespoke workflow models for every campaign meaning that our Inside Sales Representatives are able to follow standardised processes and collect data in a methodical and repeatable way. GDPR compliance is essential and for every call made we collect data on the permissions given so we know the recipient will be happy to be contacted in future.

Our CRM data is fully validated and verified against external sources to make sure that you can have confidence in the lead information being supplied to you. We regularly cross check our lead contact details across multiple social media platforms and company pages to ensure our database is fully up to date and won’t leave you high and dry with an old phone number or incorrect email address. This attention to detail in capturing accurate, detailed lead information along with thorough opportunity analysis is what can make a good lead great.

SALES PROCESS – What happens next in order to capture top quality sales leads

When we make contact with a lead and identify an opportunity one of the key data points to understand is what the buying process will be. Who is in charge of making the decision? What are the timescales that they are working to and is budget available or does it need to be reallocated or offset? This is all essential information to qualify the lead and ensure that you are in the best possible place to take the lead forward and convert it into revenue. Armed with good quality data about the contact, the opportunity and what the buying process will be, the final piece of the puzzle is to nail down a date and time for the next contact call with the lead. We score our follow up contact process based on the strength of the next contact and the level of the attendee within the DMU. A face to face with the business owner or CEO is weighted heavily against a scheduled phone call with the Technical Director, for example. This allows us to provide our clients with detailed reporting metrics to identify successes and areas for improvement and gives us measurable targets to drive ourselves to deliver the best leads possible to our clients.

High quality leads are the backbone of an efficient, productive sales process. Less time is spent chasing unengaged leads, or researching and gathering data that should have been collated at the beginning of the process. If your business could benefit from receiving high quality leads derived from professional, targeted campaigns get in touch with the Go Demand team today.

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